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A first person shooter developed for a game project in college, which was the  intention of building a first person shooter as tech demo that displayed a variety of weapons built with unity polygons before the pro builder asset ever existed.

The 3D modeled Cacodemon was a free asset from a community website that provided 3D models as well as the sound being sourced from FreeSound.org.

 Game Details:

This game contains only 1 full level. The project never followed through past the pre-alpha stage, which the game will contain bugs, unusual behavior and/or game instability. Compatible with use with mouse & keyboard only. 

 Please Note: 

Hellfire is a game developed with inspiration from DOOM and was the second game project that I had built in 2017 for a collage game development project in the second year term which development ended in late 2017.


HellFire (121917).zip 66 MB

Install instructions

Run Unity Executable on Windows.