Virvius Update (10/16/21)

Log - 10/16/21

Notes: Project has been through a major overhaul, featuring a new "Din" enemy, enemies respond to harder difficulty so they move & shoot faster, fire more aggressively as well as doing more damage. I will implement more enemies in future builds. The UI side of things has been revamped. You used to be able to change the visor color scene, but now its the entire UI system that changes. I added more (up to 10) featured color themes than before. My favorite is Crypt, Gravestone and as well as Marine themes.

The combat shotgun has been changed in terms of sound and recoil giving it a more impactful shot. The minigun sounds revving up and down are different and I had added in underwater versions of these. The Level now has a Jail/Dog Pen area where the Yellow Access is so you obtain the red keycard there. Adding two secrets in that room.

The sky was changed completely to look much more appealing as well as the lighting was baked into the level giving the game a better atmosphere. In the options was probably half of the work put into this game, there more Sound & Video options now and the game detects if a joystick is present or connected/disconnected entirely.

You can apply options by not just changing the values with the keys but clicking the button now changes the values as well,  giving better overall user experience. Clicking the screen no longer deselects items and you can now set your audio configuration like, sample rate, dps buffer, different voices etc. Changing these values activates the "Apply" button which then sets the preferred settings into the system where changing the audio configuration is taxing on the system. Opening the Main menu now has fading transitions and clicking "Quit" now opens a quit menu asking you if you're sure to quit.

I will start building scene transitioning so I can get more levels designed.

  • Dev Build Version 23


  1. Quit menu.
  2. Fading menus.
  3. Jail area (yellow key area).
  4. New color themes to select from.
  5. Color themes change the appearance of the entire UI.
  6. Baked Lighting.
  7. Change the music of the game to another soundtrack
  8. Added brightness, bloom intensity, vignette & grain settings
  9. New combat shotgun sound & recoil.
  10. New minigun revving sounds.
  11. New din enemy.
  12. Better mouse support.
  13. Better controller detection.
  14. More blood/guts from enemies
  15. More video effect options
  16. Vignette color also changes with powerups & low health.
  17. More sound options

[Bug Fixes]

  • Auto Aim was fixed.
  • Fixed problems with controller detection.
  • Fixed some bugs with grunt enemy.


  1. Player seems to get stuck randomly on edges.
  2. Grunt enemy runs in one spot randomly (problem with code and Nav mesh Area).


Probably going to start on the plasma rifle or Rail gun next since I have their sounds effects generated.

  • Make Enemies access other areas of the game (water) etc.
  • Add/make elevator sounds.
  • Add make more weapons (5 left).
  • Add more enemies.
  • Add a grenade launcher & explosions.
  • Finish the Level Ending area.
  • Add level transitioning (need more levels built).
  • Add a starting main menu with game play in the back ground.

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Oct 16, 2021

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