Virvius Update (12/08/21)

Log - 12/08/21


  • Dev Build Version 34


  1. Environmental effects on visor.
  2. Photon Cannon Weapon.
  3. Faster swimming.
  4. Headquarters: Sector 2 & 2.1 (partly finished).
  5. Headquarters Sector 1.1 in development.
  6. New starting entrance area.
  7. Photon cannon is obtainable (In a secret).
  8. Photon cannon appearance is changed.
  9. Elevator Sounds
  10. Elevator & fan damage/mutilation.
  11. New Photon Cannon sounds (Rev up/down/shot).
  12. Preview video demo before playing the game.
  13. Minigun spin up is shorter.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Enemies now react more with difficulty.
  • Din enemy doesn't jump high in the air.
  • Fixed some bugs with grunt/din enemy (again).


  1. Player seems to get stuck randomly on edges.
  2. Grunt enemy runs in one spot randomly.
  3. Grunt enemies wont move when engaging with player (after player dies, starting a new game fixes it)
  4. Din enemy takes time to get moving/seeing player.
  5. Din enemy jumps at player awkwardly.


  • Make Enemies access other areas of the game (water) etc.
  • Add make more weapons (4 left).
  • Add more enemies.
  • Add a grenade launcher & explosions.
  • Finish Sector 1.1
  • Build Sector 3.
  • Finish the Level Ending area.
  • Add level transitioning (need more levels built).

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Dec 08, 2021

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