Virvius Update (06/13/22)

Log - 06/13/22


  • Game is getting prepared for early access and game demo will be showcased on Steam. Most of the development is focus on giving the player more robust game play, polished UI, bug fixes, optimization, level design and MORE enemies.


  • Completely redesigned title menu.
  • Dynamic 3D main menu selective buttons.
  • Default color theme is now Fire Red/Dark Grey. **Was Marine Green and Fire Red.
  • Sub title "Genocide" was completely removed.
  • New Elite Grunt enemy, fires a grenade launcher and has a saw blade for an arm.
  • Redesigned the "look" of most weapon models in the game. More polished and less refurbished.
  • Lava Sector Sub basement room was finished after the Elevator down.
  • Lava sector power station is in development.
  • All 10 weapons were finished.
  • Some switches were moved to more obvious locations for easier navigation.
  • Enemies no longer "Zip" through their off navigation links.
  • All enemy state machine behavior was redesigned and no longer run in one spot and engage player more fluently.
  • Sword animation was reworked.
  • Damnation Blade model was redesigned but still doesn't fit the game (will be reworked again).
  • Player should now stay within level walls while being blown back.
  • Din enemy is easier to kill.
  • Enemy damage to and from has been reworked.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Player now dives underwater when entering the water trigger. (trying to stop player from walking on water, still randomly happens)
  • Elite Grunt enemy shoots too fast on easy.
  • Lava sector elevator transport door locks behind player after pressing the switch down.
  • Player not jumping up out of lava, water, acid on layer tags other than "Level".
  • Player holsters weapon on selected layers and not just level.
  • Enemies now fully engaged by range and player vision.


  1. Rain appears underwater.
  2. Player can blast themselves out of the level with grenades/rockets/sigma sometimes
  3. Grenades stick to walls/low gravity.
  4. The player can walk on gravel and sounds still play metal footsteps.
  5. UI Version 3 still has keys in corner that UI text overlaps.
  6. Being outside of the map causes massive FPS loss.
  7. Player randomly walks on water.
  8. Level ending portal doesn't display message that demo is finished.


  • Add more enemies.
  • Make a boss.
  • Finish lava sector power station room.
  • Finish the level ending area.
  • Add level transitioning (need more levels built).
  • Build a terrifying skeleton enemy with a melee weapon that charges player.
  • Build a flying specter enemy that fires projectiles
  • Add Anti-Aliasing to options menu.

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