Virvius Update (09/17/22)

Log - 09/17/22


  • Another massive update since July, I managed to fix the lighting in the game completely. no more flashing lights based on the camera movement! I also have a fully playable second level of the first episode called Dreaden Mines. A mining level where the fallen are digging for materials. The player input system was iterated 5 times, yes... FIVE times and its finally perfected. The player movement includes acceleration & deceleration + friction, momentum and proper swimming, and regulates itself based on ANY fps running on your PC.
    There's Two new enemies in this update, the Elite Grunt, has a saw blade for an arm and a grenade launcher for the other. The second enemy was named Delusion, a telekinetic flying lizard that shoots green energy at the player. This totals of 4 enemies in the game so far. The Options menu also got an update with added anti-aliasing, environmental lighting, monitor switching and a environmental effects category. Vigor has been added to the health system, vigor extends the max health by 5. regular health boxes only increase your health to 100 but by picking up health vials increases your health based on how many vigor were obtained. Vigor power ups are secrets.


  • Added vigor pickup to obtain vigor
  • Added vigor to the health system
  • Limit max health to vigor amount
  • New elite grunt enemy.
  • Grenades now bounce and have proper gravity
  • Grenades now travel with elevators
  • Health is reduced if over maximum allocated health.
  • Built episode 1 - level 2 Dreaden Mines
  • New explosion system, removed colliders & added sphere cast.
  • The fallen now resurrect on demonic difficulty
  • Colored save & load windows
  • New smoother look rotation
  • Movement system consists of programmed velocity physics (accel, decel, friction, momentum etc.)
  • Added player blowback to the stronger weapons
  • Use fire/click to quit results screen
  • Separated environmental effects into sub categories
  • Sparks added to gun when V-damage power up active
  • Berserk, v-damage & divinity powerups have better sounds effects
  • New delusion enemy added with airborne non nav-agent movements
  • Background noise of delusion and grunt added.
  • Sigma hole sprite  added to sigma bullet collision
  • Energy hole sprite added to energy projectile collision
  • Added Anti-Aliasing to options menu
  • Added environmental lighting to options
  • Separated post-processing into its own category
  • Added a code list to the CMD window by pressing F1
  • Sword cursor was added to UI
  • When primary category option is off, sub options are greyed out
  • Added a monitor switching option
  • Built a new battle sword model
  • Prologue Level was re-edited
  • New battle sword icon added to game UI
  • Player controller is framerate independent.
  • Jumping momentum was added
  • Velocity slope adjusting was added
  • Show game/level stats when active in options
  • New powerup models that match their attributes (lighting bolt for berserk, skull for punisher etc.)
  • Changed power icons to match new models
  • When player lands on something after jumping, velocity is cut in half.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Options menu – pressing ESC doesn't back out of menu
  • Railgun/Rocket Launcher bob movement doesn't return to original position while walking after firing.
  • Railgun with auto aim enabled  no longer shoots on a downward angle.
  • Explosions now blow player back properly with sphere cast.
  • Blow back doesn't force player out of the level.
  • Sky needed a collider.
  • Explosive barrel wouldn't explode.
  • Grenades don't fall through elevators anymore.
  • Explosive boxes needed to do more damage,
  • Enemies were too hard to double tap. Reduced corpse health by half.
  • Ultra Shotgun underwater sound needed a change.
  • Added a nav-link to ventilation for din enemy in acid pit room level 1
  • Din damage colliders were still active when dead.
  • After dying pressing jump or esc loaded new scene immediately.
  • Bullet holes remained active on bullet while shooting
  • Bullets weren't being disabled over time.
  • Sensitivity too high when smooth rotation enabled
  • Underneath elevator L1 in acid pool you can walk in acid
  • Shotgun needed to be stronger
  • Elevator in L2 collider needs to be lowered.
  • Sword Anim breaks when picking up ammo after having no ammo.
  • Fixed a bug showing Vignette & Grain [ON] when loading options.
  • If controller was disabled it showed a number value instead of [ON]/[OFF] in options.
  • Player character controller deceleration causing player to slide off platforms
  • When player lands from a jump out of water the velocity was not reset.
  • When player jumps to another platform they would slip off.
  • When player auto aim is active grenades are directed to enemy causing a problem with aim.
  • Pressing ESC on quit window doesn't back out to previous window
  • EP1-L2 player can get pushed out of the level by a platform at the end of the black rail wall
  • Player exploded into gore every death
  • Rail projectile was not colliding with enemy or level
  • Battle sword wouldn't hit anything close to the camera
  • When switching to another monitor, the activated monitor stays active for the duration of the game. (Unity Issue)
  • Projected water not working on prologue level
  • Occlusion issue with EP1-L2 at the pit floors


  1. Din enemy can hit player through wall.
  2. Rain filter darkens visual to an extreme.
  3. When saving on a moving platform, platform is not saved or activated.
  4. Player dead messages need to match type of death
  5. Din enemy does not come out of idle animation when engaging player.
  6. Elite enemy grenades kills itself and grunts
  7. In Options, drag values on sliders do not correspond with internal index values
  8. Din enemy that follows grunt after grunt dies Din has no where to go.
  9. Issue with main sound not loading properly when booting play in editor
  10. When damnation blade is active the name remains battle sword? [Can't replicate bug]
  11. When punisher power is finished damnation blade does not switch models? [Can't replicate bug]
  12. Explosive box kills grunt in shoot animation causes them to stick in animation? [Can't replicate bug]


  • Build a terrifying skeleton enemy with a melee weapon that charges player.
  • Build a big enemy damage resitant enemy.
  • Change Blood color
  • Add blood enabled option
  • Add gore enabled option
  • Add explosion holes for explosions
  • Add F2 as an auto save button and F3 to load it.
  • Categorize Move and Look in options
  • Build a new damnation blade
  • Add option to change FPS Limit
  • Stack Powerups
  • Make Enemies fight each other
  • Build Episode 1-4, 3-40 levels Left to go. [will take my whole life to do]

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