Virvius Update (03/13/22)

Log - 03/13/22


  • This is a massive update, in this build includes 2 more weapons, 72 different command line inputs,  bug fixes to enemies, Explosions, player impact, more options, much more. I had this sucker running at 4K resolution between 60-100 FPS 60Hz monitor.


  • More sounds added for player underwater.
  • Sound for wall traps was changed.
  • Some wall traps needed to be pulled off wall.
  • Built rocket launcher model that is animated to reload 4 times.
  • Two small micro missiles that spiral around the primary rocket.
  • Grenade Launcher that shoots timed grenades.
  • Explosive nuclear barrels.
  • Enhanced Command console by pressing "back quote".
  • Visual appearance of the weapons when using FOV
  • Turn off rain/environmental effects in options
  • Better auto aim that doesn't cause performance lag.
  • All options are accessible through console commands.
  • Super user (debug) sub commands implemented (Dev Only).
  • 72 different console commands now.
  • New crane system in the new  large lava room.
  • Added more reflection probes to level.
  • More blood effects when gibbing enemies.
  • Player Impact/blowback system.
  • Lock Y Axis option added.
  • Bump map textures were updated to most materials.
  • Increased explosive range.
  • Made the background of pause menu darker to read text and blur out game background UI.
  • Added actual armor Icons based on what armor was obtained.
  • Added “HZ” to FPS display.
  • Changed the skin color of the player arm.
  • Air control toggle added to options.
  • Speed up player movement strafing, walking, running.
  • Fixed the footstep sounds to match if player is running.
  • Adjusted player damage tilt.
  • Changed player UI flash sprites.
  • Pickup Items now have a Rigidbody with gravity.
  • Added a new Logo intro to game boot.
  • Added a new game intro similar to Quake II for N64. (no enemies yet)
  • New Virvius Title screen.
  • Removed old Virvius logo.
  • Enemies can now access moving platforms or connected links.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Character Controller could get stuck on small dips between the connection of rooms.
  • Enemies needed to engage the player quicker.
  • Gibs needed to be toned down to be more rare with weapon kills.
  • Minigun barrel did not spin down.
  • Options volume was currently broken, values are set to 0 but show 50%.
  • Cage Z-fighting in boiler room bridge.
  • Sounds for traps needed to be changed.
  • Waterfall effect appeared underwater.
  • Minigun sound needed to be changed (still not perfect)
  • Fixed issue with UI version 2, health & armor not applying color when power active.
  • Fixed issue with gain, lift & gamma values not being correct.
  • Fixed issue with contrast & saturation not adjusting to percentage.
  • Fixed issue with player bobbing being jittery on slopes.
  • Fixed issue with resolution not displaying correct screen dimensions.
  • Moved key icons out of the way of message text. (except UI version 3)
  • Fixed problems with enemy engagement to player and movement.


  1. Rain appears underwater.
  2. Impact from explosions/din enemy can be too strong.
  3. Player can blast themselves out of the level with grenades/rockets
  4. Din enemy can be too strong to kill.
  5. Grenades stick to walls/low gravity.
  6. The player can walk on gravel and sounds still play metal footsteps.
  7. Enemies will not engage player if behind them.
  8. UI Version 3 still has keys in corner that UI text overlaps.
  9. Enemies travel through Nav Mesh Links way too fast.


  • Add make more weapons (2 left).
  • Add more enemies.
  • Make a mini boss.
  • Finish Sector 3.
  • Finish the Level Ending area.
  • Add level transitioning (need more levels built).
  • Build the Rail gun
  • Build the MSigma X800
  • Build a terrifying skeleton enemy with a melee weapon that charges player.
  • Build a bigger, tougher grenade launcher grunt to fire grenades.
  • Build a flying specter enemy that fires projectiles
  • Add Anti-Aliasing to options menu.


Mar 14, 2022

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