Devastation Update (03/04/21)

Log - 3/4/21

  • Build Version 24

Major Gameplay Update

- Complete internal change of game architecture, look and overall feel of the game.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed issue with player being stuck in a game over state forever.
  • Fixed after beating the final boss or secret boss after the credits of the game will not proceed to the summary screen, the ship remains active but sprite is disabled.
  • Player wasn't resetting back to their org position when game over or died,
  • Fixed after beating the game single player and restarting a new one caused a problem with the
    controls of the other two "new" players. They were able to rotate and shoot but could NOT move.
  • A feature of pausing the game used to be the "select" button on the controller, a pause timer was added so that the player can now pause the game with "Start" instead. The pause timer simply adds a very short wait period before being able to pause when player presses start to join or start the game as well as stealing lives.
  • Players no longer rely on a trigger to clamp the player in within canvas blocker (which was removed), players now can expand to the size of the screen and will never exceed off it.
  • Player & enemy bullets now shut off when they hit the edge of the screen, this removed the purpose of the bullet shut off timer, bullets will now expand to the width of the screen.
  • Background video sprites now expand rightfully with the current resolution selected, no more black side areas of the game.
  • Fixed issue with the background video skipping.
  • Issue with the player stealing lives is now resolved, all players can take lives from the player with the largest amount or equal to another.
  • Removed redundant lines and removed more "GameObject.Find/audioSource" commands.
    Fixed screen transitions to be more smooth and faster.
  • Removed shut off timer from nuke and added shut off to the end of the animation.
  • Fixed issue with gun sounds not playing correctly.
  • There was an issue with enemies not spawning randomly, it seemed to be triggered when bombing enemies constantly. A check system method was added to check if the enemy/alt enemy list is empty if it is and check system is false, will switch it to true to continue to spawn enemies.
  • Issue resolved with resolution, if player had a large resolution value, would create more "game space", with the opposite happening with a smaller resolution.
  • The player and enemy bullets are now incapsulated inside the background (sprite width) and screen size (screen height). If the sprite background is resized to a larger resolution will remain at the original 1.1 X scale, creating a black area that bullets and players cannot reach, though using the nuke you can see the full effect of the explosion. If resized to a smaller resolution the X scale will re-adjust the sprite background to the smaller resolution.
  • Enemies are not spawning to a fixed position, which with a different resolution would spawn enemies off screen or spawn to the center only. Now the enemies are synced with the sprite background X scale and Screen height as well so no matter the resolutions the enemies will spawn correctly on screen.
  • Game start/level/boss banner and swipe was adjusted to start at the position of the sprite background. The swipe makes it about 1/4 of the way then displays the game status popup. Both the speed for swipe and status were re-adjusted to sync properly.
  • Fixed issue with rebirth wave transform not appearing with player transform respawn after game over.
  • Slowed down the players "Super Speed" movement by 0.5.
  • Super speed upgrade now only fires projectiles accordingly to the players current acquired upgrades, if player had no upgrades then the super power up will only pass through the players starting emitters instead of all.
  • Readjusted the survival decrease timer from 0.35 to 0.4, due to the changed positions of the enemies, their spawn positions are farther apart which slowed down the rate of killing enemies.
  • Readjusted the enemy spawn movement distance, enemies now move more towards the center of the level instead of just at the top. Their spawn points are now off the screen where before you could see them all of a sudden "appear".

  • Fixed issue with player controller transform respawning at wrong coordinates causing the player collision to fault allowing player to move off screen or collide halfway across the screen.
  • Fixed issue where player kept velocity after death.
  • Added players auto spawn on game start.
  • Added more enemies to kill.
  • Fixed Ship core and shield sprites to be center of transform, rotation for shooting moves the shield and core around making dodging harder.

  • Audio is now played with an audio system object pool.
  • Added a super speed feature when grabbing the special power.
  • Changed the fade loop of the title screen transitions to be cleaner and smoother.
  • Changed the "upgrade 2" bullet to be a slightly different color from the org bullets.
  • Imported in perfected looped music originally done for Devastation 2.
  • The sprites for the ship were redesigned completely. They now look "3D" with new core and shield sprites. The ship colors of all 4 players were changed as well.
  • All 3 weapon upgrade sprites that appear on ship when grabbing powerups are now resigned to better fit the look of the ships appearance.
  • The power up colors are now matched with the player color.
  • Ship lives icon was changed to match the current ship sprite.
  • Changed the games font to match the font of Devastation 2 architecture.
  • Added the new ship sprite to the games title and main menu to better fit the games theme so it looks less plain.
  • Added "annihilate the alien race" to the games title, no indication anywhere of the games subtitle.
  • Redesigned the options menu attributes to be larger in display.

    [Known Bugs]

    [*] None displayed at the moment.

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