Devastation Update (01/05/22)

Devastation - Annihilate the alien race

Dev Log: January 5th, 2022

Summary: I made some small patches to the bugs in the major update that was posted a day ago. I added 5 more achievements based on the new power ups added to the game. There's now a new achievement popup for players in game and not just the steam pop up, though if players delete their game save the achievements unlocked for the game will be gone but on steam they'll be there.

The Achievement images on steam were also updated.

Power ups now have their own color formats where before they're based off player color, though once there's more than one person playing the color format will change based on which player was granted the power up.

This will be the for most final update for the game, unless a bug is found I will patch it right away.

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Jan 06, 2022

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