Devastation Update (01/18/22)

Devastation: Annihilate the Alien Race

Dev Log 011822

  • Timer lost when player(s) die is divided by number of players instead of each player taking full amount of timer.
  • Added milliseconds to the timer in timed mode.
  • Changed the speed in which the timer decreases in timed mode, it is now based on delta time.
  • Bullets are now limited, the closer you are to enemies or borders will expel maximum amount of bullets, bullets run out if remains on screen.
  • Bullet damage is increased for machine gun Upgrades 1/2, decreased for upgrade 3 and increased for Upgrade 4.
  • Bullet fire rate has been implemented, bullets no longer rely on decreased timer value by delta time.
  • Bullet fire rate now changes with each fast fire power up.
  • Bullet velocity has been changed and is now increased by fast fire power ups.
  • Fixed issue with scores not matching up with player individual scores.
  • Added score increase UI effect to Super powerup score when it's applied to total score.
  • Score increase UI effect has been adjusted to score obtained from bosses.

Game is now fully compatible with V-Sync.

  1. Devastation intro with ship fading in and scrolling title/subtitle now fill with delta time.
  2. message UI effect in main menu now fills with wait for seconds instead of real time.
  3. Fixed Enfenyx Boss Ring spinning too fast.
  4. Fixed credits scrolling too fast.
  5. Adjusted achievement Text in game and Steamworks.

Changed the Mode and Style names to be more appropriate:

  1. Survival is now timed mode.
  2. Normal mode is now arcade.
  3. Bomb less is now no bombs.
  4. Life less is now one life.
  5. Maxed out is now all upgrades.

More Updates:

  • Main menu selection text has been changed to images.
  • Fixed issued when player is game over and a power up is still assigned to that player, it will assign itself to the next player or randomly select players.
  • Changed the sound effects of the upgrade powerups.
  • Changed the sound effects of upgrade 3 bullets.
  • Lowered the volume of the bullet fire sounds.
  • Changed the score of the individual players to stay on screen when they are game over.
  • Changed the position of the press start and game over sprites in game.
  • Changed the way power ups are spawn, set to be a bit more frequent.
  • Lives no longer spawn on timed mode.
  • Fixed issue where enemies would only fire at one player, enemies will randomly select a new player after that player died or when the enemy has spawned.
  • Changed the missile sprite to a new missile sprite, missile sprites now contain a small thruster.
  • Adjusted the current game mode, style, difficulty displays on score summary screen.
  • Added a purple font Text object that contains the name mode style & difficulty above mode, style & difficulty display on score summary screen.
  • Changed the color of each player to actual ship colors on game summary screen.
  • Fixed game start display not resetting when player quits to main menu.
  • Updated all game display UI sprites.
  • Found unfinished code that caused only player one to obtain point boosters.
  • Enlarged all of the enemy colliders for more accurate collisions.
  • Fixed issue with Point booster causing a massive glitch with powerups on Level 8.
  • Reduced the amount of time you obtain from bosses on timed mode.

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