Devastation Update (01/21/22)

Devastation: Annihilate the alien race - final build update version 3.

Dev Log: 01/21/22


 A lot of game play flaws were fixed in this build as well as some major adjustments to the bullet systems. Some added effects were implemented and some graphical aesthetics were changed.


  1. Player ship now fires two bullets at a time, system now waits until two bullets freed.
  2. Score Effect permanently applied to total score.
  3. Player and enemy bullets no longer dependent on Unity physics for movement but now set by deltatime.
  4. Fire rates for enemies & bosses has been adjusted.
  5. Bullet velocity for enemies and bosses have been adjusted.
  6. Credits text values have been updated.
  7. Credits scroll speed has been reduced.
  8. Fixed issue when boss shoots bullets they fire opposite direction of the player.
  9. Player bullet damage was adjusted.
  10. Fixed issue with boss colliders killing player when the boss was dead.
  11. Fixed menu rotation wheel spinning too fast.
  12. Fixed Game UI HUD text "No Lives" to "One Life"


  • Player upgrade 1 bullets are now a separate bullet (colored orange).
  • Improved changes to player fire rate, bullet velocity and bullet limit.
  • Animation has been changed for boss 6 & no longer leaves off screen. (Removed due to a cheap player kill)
  • Chromatic Aberration has been removed.
  • Heavy trigger achievement was adjusted from 400,000 shots fired to 70,000 (due to new weapon mechanics)
  • Boss overall health has been increased.
  • Increased rumbling strength & duration values when player dies or loses shield.


  • When player becomes fully upgraded for the first time sets off shake effect.
  • Controller vibration was added when ship loses shield.
  • Added rumbling values when the player obtains a special power up and when the bonus ends.
  • Added screen shaking + rumbling when player is fully upgraded.

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Jan 21, 2022

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