Virvius Update (06/09/21)

Log - 6/9/21

Notes: Development on Virvius will be slow and will not be created at the same rate Devastation 2 was. It's also just me working on this. The development demo will be updated periodically until I feel the game has a full demo. After demo release no more updates to it will be carried out. Making music for this game is difficult, I might set just ambient sounds for now to create the atmosphere of "Quake".

  • Dev Build Version 7


  1. Added ambient underwater sound when under water then switches back to level ambient sound above.
  2. Player now gasps for air out of water, if player is drowning deeper breathing will be triggered.
  3. Resized Armor 0.25 smaller.
  4. Adjusted the thumbstick swim down/up angle to 45 instead of 50.
  5. Reduced "Press Jump" swim up amount by half.
  6. Added a `fade` effect when collecting items or taking damage to the flash UI system.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed issues with damage to player from enemies when player armor is active after drowning. [Due to an Environmental Bool being active after drowning]
  • Fixed `Z` fighting with bullet holes and the walls/floors. [Adjusted the bullet hole Axis by 0.01 from the wall]


  • Implement "Quint" V-Damage power up.
  • Make a Nail gun type weapon representing both Duke Nukem style chain gun with Quake nails.
  • Pickup Weapons.
  • Add a Doom Eternal style helmet hud maybe?
  • Make a fiend type enemy that will chase the player.
  • Finish up some debug level design. [Add ambush walls and moving platforms to another area]
  • Add/make elevator sounds.

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Jun 09, 2021

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