Virvius Update (06/10/21)

Log - 6/9/21

Notes: I decided to go with making a new weapon,  I wanted a combination of the Duke Nukem Chain gun Cannon and the Nail gun from Quake. In this update I had model a gun like the description and I decided to call it the Spiker. I also added a weapon selection.

  • Dev Build Version 8


  1. Added a new Spiker Cannon model.
  2. Programmed Spiker Cannon into weapon system.
  3. Added weapon selection by pressing left of right on D-pad. *keyboard will be added later.
  4. Adjusted bobbing system values, everything was set for only shotgun, now it's set to all weapons.
  5. Added a new Spiker Cannon shooting sound.
  6. Added a sound for selecting a weapon.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed issue with weapon still shooting with no ammo after selecting a new weapon.


  • Implement "Quint" V-Damage power up.
  • Pickup Weapons.
  • Add a Doom Eternal style helmet hud maybe?
  • Make a fiend type enemy that will chase the player.
  • Finish up some debug level design. [Add ambush walls and moving platforms to another area]
  • Add/make elevator sounds.

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Jun 10, 2021

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