Virvius Update (06/13/21)

Log - 6/13/21

Notes: I had created V-damage for the game "Quint Damage or x5 bullet damage" Tested and added some UI elements when power is activated. I had to re-model the Spiker Cannon due to broken vertices in the mesh & I just plain didn't like the look. I wanted secrets in the game so I designed a "Quake like shoot the door" where the piece of wall moves in slightly then slides to the side which I hid the V-damage power up. I developed an ambush system as well as I wanted to pick up weapon models, so in the unfinished area of the level I built walls that open and enemies pop out when player grabs the spiker cannon.

  • Dev Build Version 11


  1. V-damage Model.
  2. Programmed power up system which includes all power ups including v-damage.
  3. Added a better weapon selection system with Keyboard alpha keys included.
  4. Adjusted bobbing system values, slower when under water.
  5. Added fall damage over 50 distance.
  6. Added secret door to shoot open.
  7. Added and ambush trigger system.
  8. Kill enemies quicker.
  9. Nails bolt to the wall, Come out hot then cool *added this effect to bullet holes*.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Bug fixes with powerup deactivation and enemy balance.
  • Fixed some enemy animations.
  • Fixed swimming issues with jumping in water.
  • Fixed issue with walking onto elevator.


  • Add more power ups.
  • Add key cards.
  • Add a Doom Eternal style helmet hud maybe?
  • Make a fiend type enemy that will chase the player.
  • Make sliding doors.
  • Finish up some debug level design. [Add lower level and key rooms, moving platforms to another area]
  • Add/make elevator sounds.

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Jun 13, 2021

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