Virvius Update (06/14/21)

Log - 6/14/21

Notes: I focused mostly on UI in this build. I wanted a system that would be categorized into two different message types, the Top ones and the Center. The Top ones contained 5 different message slots that would fill to the fifth adjacent slot then rotate down based on obtained items. The Center message was split into two different display types, one instance and one continuous. The instance one would only play once the entire duration of the level. The continuous type would play the message disappear and then reappear until player leaves the trigger.

  • Dev Build Version 13


  1. New UI Message system to display information to the player.
  2. Messages include picking up items, dying, finding secrets, information and ambushing.
  3. Added ambient level sound to environmental hazards.
  4. Added a camera tilt effect when taking damage.
  5. Added controller rumbling when shooting and taking damage.
  6. Changed the Shotgun reload sound.
  7. Shotgun can shoot a bit faster.
  8. Changed the gun animated object to "act faster" and not rely on recoil to finish
  9. Changed a secret door to an ambush instead.
  10. Added 25 different death messages that are categorized into 5 different death types which display randomly.
  11. Added a restart level function that resets all dynamic objects in the level when you die.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed issue with enemies not continuing path or animations after player died.
  • Fixed enemies not walking to their assigned positions when idle. *Nav agent stopping distance caused the issue*
  • Fixed issue with damage tilt angle not returning to 0 fast enough.
  • Fixed issue with secret and ambush door sounds.
  • Fixed V-damage power UI finishing exactly at 0 time left.
  • Environmental sound was disabled in last build.


  • Add more power ups.
  • Add key cards.
  • Add a Doom Eternal style helmet hud maybe?
  • Make a fiend type enemy that will chase the player.
  • Make sliding doors.
  • Finish up some debug level design. [Add lower level and key rooms, moving platforms to another area]
  • Add/make elevator sounds.
  • Add make more weapons (8 left).
  • Make a model for Spiker Cannon ammo and apply it to code. 

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Jun 15, 2021

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