Virvius Update (06/26/21)

Log - 6/26/21

Notes: I've done a massive amount over the past 10 days, two new weapons, more level to explore, doors, keycards and much more. I can't keep up with every bit of detail but I will do my best to keep development in the loop on here.

  • Dev Build Version 18


  1. Redesigned Acid pool area - Contains blue key card when acid is drained.
  2. Receiving area with a crane (will direct to end of level) [unfinished].
  3. Water plant [Red Key door] operates crane [unfinished].
  4. New elevator to lower sub level [Blue Key door].
  5. Lower sub level - Boiler room (Entrance to hot room.
  6. Lower sub level - Hot room (before command base].
  7. Lower sub level - Command base (large open area for fighting, holds yellow key card. *red card is there for now until yellow area is built*
  8. Battle Sword [Weapon #0] when player is unarmed.
  9. Ultra Shotgun [Weapon #4] .
  10. Ultra Shotgun Pick up Object.
  11. Blue, Yellow and Red Key Card Pickups. (Yellow Card is shut off due to undeveloped yellow area.)
  12. Turok 2 type swimming - Still buggy but will be fixed later.
  13. Secret area with red armor - Unobtainable until warp portals are created.
  14. Switch Systems [Press, Step & shoot] these switches are interactable which will activate areas.
  15. New Doors and door system, [Open, locked, blue, yellow and red doors].
  16. Redesigned the shotguns random bullet shot directions.
  17. Redesigned enemy damage system.
  18. More Grunt Enemies & pickups.
  19. Spiker Ammo Pickups.
  20. Removed "Ambush" message when stepping over ambush trigger

[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed enemy damage to be more realistic, from 2 health to 8, each bullet now lands damage instead of 1.
  • Fixed broken pro builder level object.
  • Slowed down Spiker nails so they're visible.
  • Fixed enemy damage/death animations from freezing/playing repeatedly.


  • Add more power ups (5 left).
  • Add a Doom Eternal style helmet HUD maybe?
  • Make a fiend type enemy that will chase the player.
  • Add/make elevator sounds.
  • Add make more weapons (6 left).
  • Currently Making a Minigun.
  • Finish Water Plant Area.
  • Build yellow door area for red key.
  • Build a Main Menu.
  • Design a better title screen image.
  • Build a customizable Options Menu.
  • Start creating the Game System [Saving loading all that fun stuff.]
  • Need new sounds for spiker cannon and ultra shotgun.
  • Change/Obtain/Drop Weapon animations.

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Jun 27, 2021

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