Virvius Update (07/13/21)

Log - 7/13/21

Notes: I worked on a lot of player animations in code, including weapon drop animations when selecting different weapons, holstering the weapon when against the wall, player/weapon bobbing and lerping. I had worked a lot of fixes with swimming and player foot steps, I rigged the level with tag specific collisions that determine the players footstep sound either on metal, wood, water or just the basic footstep sound. I reworked the UI for personal selection, you can choose different UI formats by selecting Minus or Equal Keys. pressing the Keyboard alpha keys now select weapons by ID. You can turn off V-sync in the game by pressing Y key to make it run much smoother if you have a good PC.

  • Dev Build Version 20


  1. Added design to the Acid pool area (again) added acid pipes & cages.
  2. 4 Different UI selections pressing - / = keys.
  3. Weapon holstering when out of ammo.
  4. Weapon holstering when against the wall.
  5. New weapon animation - When looking around the gun moves too.
  6. Footstep sounds when walking on wood, metal, water and ground.
  7. V-Sync toggle pressing Y key. (temporary until options are built)
  8. New Weapon - Minigun [Weapon #4].
  9. Minigun is now a pickup item.
  10. Minigun has pickup ammo.
  11. Warp/teleport portals to different areas - Only one in the level which is in a secret.
  12. New Level music.
  13. Sword clang sound when swiping walls.
  14. New Sword enemy collision sounds.
  15. Selecting weapons or changing HUD/v-sync displays a message.
  16. Ultra shotgun shot has new sound.
  17. Spiker cannon shot has new sound.
  18. Weapon selection with Alpha Keys 0-9.
  19. New Weapon Icons.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed swimming environment UI issue.
  • Fixed issue with weapon selecting when weapon ammo is 0.
  • Fixed issues with Power up UI when activated on the New HUD(s).
  • Fixed issues with Ultra Shotgun shoot & reload animation.
  • Changed the randomized bullet spread.


  1. Sounds over lap and lose quality when using minigun or spiker cannon.
  2. Water Effect sound doesn't un-trigger sometimes


  • Add more power ups (5 left).
  • Make a fiend type enemy that will chase the player.
  • Add/make elevator sounds.
  • Add make more weapons (5 left).
  • Build yellow door area for red key.
  • Build a Main Menu.
  • Design a better title screen image.
  • Build a customizable Options Menu.
  • Start creating the Game System [Saving loading all that fun stuff.]
  • Enemy drops ammo on death.
  • Change player hurt sounds.
  • Add a 'oof' sound when jumping from a high area but doesn't damage player.
  • Design the Yellow Key Area.
  • Finish the Level Ending area.
  • Add Level transitioning.
  • Exploding Enemies.
  • Blood Effects.

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Jul 14, 2021

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