Virvius Update (08/29/21)

Log - 8/29/21

Notes: All the work went into bug fixes, the start Menu/Options, and rebuilding the enemy AI system. A lot has changed over the period of a month. The game is looking polished, with the options menu makes it even better and customizable, giving the player the opportunity to tweak player controls and preferences. The game will always boot the lowest game settings so if your PC is not the greatest then you can gradually set the settings, then on exit the game will save your preferences to a file. You can set a color scheme of your visor if using the visor UI, you can always switch back and forth to the classic/full screen as well. The game now boots up with a warning, ESRB and Enfenyx logo transitioning to the game. Enemy grunts are hooked up to the difficulty, they will attack more and do more damage to the player if on a harder difficulty. They run around now instead of just going after the player, their response when the player goes off grid will change allowing them to look for the player and lose interest after a bit of time.

  • Dev Build Version 22


  1. Added boot intro.
  2. Added options menu, fully functional except [auto saving toggle].
  3. Change/tune the different volume aspects.
  4. Change your preferred speaker mode.
  5. Change the game screen mode to windowed/full screen.
  6. Set the overall game quality.
  7. Apply any supported resolution
  8. Enable/disable V-Sync.
  9. Supports real HDR, detects if your monitor supports HDR [untested].
  10. Change the field of view aspect from 60-120.
  11. Enable/disable all post processing effects.
  12. Enable/disable in game messages.
  13. Show date & time [debug].
  14. Show screen resolution & FPS [debug].
  15. Shut off all game flashing effects [epileptic friendly].
  16. Change The UI display from classic, full screen, standard & visor.
  17. Change the color scheme of the visor [might change the entire appearance of the options/UI in a later update.]
  18. Change crosshair style.
  19. Switch between mouse + keyboard or controller.
  20. Invert the Y axis.
  21. Enemy drops backpacks of 2 shells.
  22. Change vertical sensitivity.
  23. Change horizontal sensitivity.
  24. Add smoothing to rotation.
  25. Enable/disable controller vibration.
  26. Allow the player to always run. [you can now run/walk by toggling [Shift Key] or [L Trigger]]
  27. Change between 4 different difficulties.
  28. Added auto aim.
  29. Added enemy gibs [enemies explode into chunks of gore when overkilled]
  30. Player hurt sounds are changed.
  31. Auto saving options. [level saving will be added later when the game gets going].
  32. Enable/disable camera bobbing.
  33. Auto switch to new weapons.
  34. Auto switch of out of ammo.
  35. Enable/disable weapon movement.
  36. Added all power ups to the game.
  37. Game power ups have their own unique sounds.
  38. Changed ultra shotgun sounds [again].
  39. Player now stays above water when arising,
  40. Gave randomized bullet spread on minigun.
  41. Added a OOF sound when falling from a high place but not high enough to damage player.
  42. Upon exiting options will save all player preferences to a file.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed many bugs, lost track of most.
  • Fixed random vortex movement when diving under water.
  • Fixed issues with player jumping out of water.
  • Slowed down the berserk movement by 0.3.
  • Slowed down minigun fire rate.


  1. Player seems to get stuck randomly on edges.


Probably going to start on the plasma rifle or Rail gun next since I have their sounds effects generated.

  • Make a fiend type enemy that will chase the player.
  • Add/make elevator sounds.
  • Add make more weapons (5 left).
  • Build yellow door area for red key.
  • Design the yellow key Area.
  • Finish the Level Ending area.
  • Add level transitioning.
  • Blood Effects.
  • Add an actual press start menu.
  • Add a starting main menu with game play in the back ground.
  • Add a few more game setting options to options menu.

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Aug 30, 2021

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