Devastation Update (01/01/20)

Log - 01/01/20 


  • *Fixed 1-Up power up randomly generated on 1 life mode.
  • *Added Intro video prior to starting the game, can be skipped by pressing [A or Start] button.
  • *Removed Unity setup screen when opening Devastation.exe.
  • *Re-adjusted time added when beating a boss and time decrease in survival mode.
  • *Fixed button selection in Options Menu.
  • *Field generated by grabbing a power up when fully upgraded adds score per enemy bullet killed.
  • *Fixed boss animations to transition smoother to next state instead of instantaneous movement.
  • When retrieving the Max Out power up will only give player 1 life instead of 3 in a non-lifeless mode.

[Known Bugs]

  • *When survival mode is finished, (Main Menu) button select defaults to normal mode while still selected on survival mode.
  • *Any player can pause game, only player one can select pause menu options.
  • *Beating the secret boss, score doesn't contribute to player score, only total game score.
  • Game Start Banner plays when game is Exited, Coroutine needs to be stopped when not playing.

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Jan 04, 2020

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