Devastation Update (01/10/20)

Log - 01/10/20 


  • *All players can use the pause menu in stead of just player 1.
  • *Issue with the total score not matching with player score is fixed.
  • *Fixed score when beating a boss, will now see your score just increase like crazy until it reaches its limit.
  • *Fixed the game banner coroutine displaying when quitting to main menu.
  • *Added a score multiplier when getting the Super Power up.
  • *Fixed bomb power up appearing on no bomb mode.
  • *Added player power up score system, player reaching 1,000,000, 2000,000, and 4,000,000 score achieves player with power up based on current stats
  • *Scrapped scrolling sprite background system and replaced with new rendered video background.
  • *Background transition is now much smoother with new video design.
  • *Fixed Options Menu design, changed Debug Mode button. Added names to buttons/drop downs.
  • *Removed some menu panels from main menu.
  • *Designed the backgrounds to be more appealing.
  • *Video backgrounds should be completely seamless.
  • *Fixed normal mode button being blue.

[Known Bugs]

  • *Randomly quitting to main menu and starting a new game, started the next level when Level 1 should be applied (Unable the replicate it again).
  • *When mode is finished, (Main Menu) button toggle doesn't select current button, moving selection off and back to it fixes it. 


Jan 10, 2020

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