Devastation Update (01/14/20)

Log - 01/14/20 


  • Designed and added new cover photo for the game.
  • Added new icons to the unity player settings.
  • Fixed major issue to VSync, wasn't adjusted which made the game run faster frames per second than normal.
  • Removed visible mouse cursor upon game boot.

[Known Bugs]

  • *Randomly quitting to main menu and starting a new game, started the next level when Level 1 should be applied (Unable the replicate it again).
  • *When mode is finished, (Main Menu) button toggle doesn't select current button, moving selection off and back to it fixes it. 
  • Video background sometimes runs glitchy it would stop then resume (doesnt affect gameplay).
  • Video background level transition sometimes fades to black and doesn't fade back into the next level. next level spawns instantly after 3 seconds.

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