Devastation Update (01/19/20)

Log - 01/19/20 


  • Rebuilt a new controller input system for player controller.
  • Added auto pause game on controller disconnection.
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting  a controller displays a notification for each player.
  • Added auto pause game on minimized application.
  • shortened length of game logo  intros.
  • Fixed a Bug with the boss not playing state 2.
  • Fixed bug when boss was beaten and 2 or more players are game over, x3 max out power ups spawned.
  • Fixed bug in 2/3/4 player game, when 3 or less players were game over, enemy health remained at x2/x3/x4.
  • Fixed bug when boss is damaged, power up would spawn even  if player was fully upgraded for player 2/3/4.
  • Added a new special power up ended sound effect.
  • Adjusted the sound db of the bomb power up sound effect to be higher.
  • Changed the display text of the credits.
  • Added UI elements to the Main Menu, A - Select, B - Back, D-pad - Move, Thumb - Scroll
  • Fixed Select button, back button and scrolling to be global for each player, when skipping intro, press start, game over screen or scrolling. 
  • Fixed bug when 2 or more players on screen, boss would only shoot player 1.
  • Fixed video back ground glitching.
  • Changed video playback speed from 1.5 - 10 when fighting a boss.

[Known Bugs]

  • *When mode is finished, (Main Menu) button toggle doesn't select current button, moving selection off and back to it fixes it. 


Jan 20, 2020

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