Devastation Update (01/22/20)

Log - 01/22/20 


  • Removed Unity's New Input system due to incompatibility issues with connecting/disconnecting controllers.
  • Rebuilt Input system with Rewired.
  • Added a feature when a player is game over (2/3/4 player game) they can borrow lives from another player with the highest amount of lives.
  • New pause menu sprites with animations.
  • Pressing "Back" on the main menu prompts a quit menu.
  • Added new bullet skins, (RGB, Multi, Party) changeable in the options menu.
  • Fixed a bug with the main menu scrolling animation, which would deselect quit menu or option menu buttons.
  • Added animation and polish to the main menu.
  • Readjusted video background speed.
  • Adjusted player upgrade 1 bullet sprite.
  • Adjusted bullet speed of some enemies on insane mode.

[Known Bugs]

  • *When mode is finished, (Main Menu) button toggle doesn't select current button, moving selection off and back to it fixes it. 
  • When finishing the game, the final score on the game over screen is different than the single player score. (*Happens because the score routine ends when the game over screen appears).

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