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Devastation II - Repatriation

Devastation is back for more Annihilation! Alien tech has breached the data web and its up to you to stop it. · By Enfenyx


Recent updates

Devastation II Update (07/28/21)
Log - 7/28/21 Build Version 80.5 Game Patch Notes: General update to fixing some code that players were unable to purchase [unlocked] Silver & Gold color concep...
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Devastation II Update (04/13/21)
Log - 4/13/21 Build Version 80.1 Game Patch Notes: Players can now create their own profiles. The game no longer relies on one save file and one name at a time...
Devastation II Update (03/21/21)
Log - 3/21/21 Build Version 79.0 [Bug Fixes] Compatibility with V-Sync off, high end systems with high frame rate caused pieces of the game to not smooth out pr...
Devastation II Update (02/05/21)
Log - 2/5/21 Build Version 78.4 [Bug Fixes] Fixed [living in the past] achievement, this unlocks but then returns to false, resulting in the achievement menu as...
Devastation II Update (01/31/21)
Log - 1/31/21 Build Version 78.3 [Bug Fixes] Major Gameplay Update - Added UI Elements for Core Absorb ability and Enigma cannon Overheat meter. Now the player...
Devastation II Update (01/29/21)
Log - 1/29/21 Build Version 78.2 [Bug Fixes] Major Gameplay Update - Added Continue Function, Depending on difficulty, when a player has lost all lives, an opti...
Devastation II Update (01/20/21)
Log - 1/21/21 Build Version 77 [Bug Fixes] Major Gameplay Update - [Mouse movement] mouse movement was jittery as well as hyper sensitive. Player had lack of co...
Devastation II Update (01/18/21)
Log - 1/18/21 Build Version 76 [Bug Fixes] Fixed issue where damage critical sprite is still absorb sprite. Fixed issue with mouse selection ray cast with optio...

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