Devastation II Update (01/29/21)

Log - 1/29/21

Build Version 78.2

[Bug Fixes]

Major Gameplay Update - Added Continue Function, Depending on difficulty, when a player has lost all lives, an option to continue will appear allowing the player to restart the current level instead of restarting the entire game.

Trainee Difficulty = 3 continues
Mayhem Difficulty = 2 continues
Chaos Difficulty = 1 continues
Nightmare Difficulty = 0 continues

  • Issue on game continue on final boss, would still be active in coroutine and firing but "invisible".
  • Changed the enemy position closer to the player so they are not so far way.
  • Added a range cap on enemies that move towards player on level 12, enemies will stop when they are close enough instead of running into the player.
  • Enemies chase the player down more quickly in level 12.
  • Increased the look sensitivity values by 0.5 and expanded the max range from 5 to 10.
  • Re-transcoded all videos, some where missing settings, Changed to Deinterlaced mode to "Even" this insures game videos are NTSC 1080P.
  • Fixed issue where missiles would fail to set lock on reticle and lock notification.


  • Added an adjustment value to the scroll bars in the options menu, controller sensitivity shows current values instead of 0-100 as well as master, music, sound, UI and announcer bars.
  • Added different Shield and Core colors when using enigma cannon, cyber realm, core absorb, plasma cannon instead of just invincibility. The shows how the ship impact reacts differently to enemy bullets.
  • Added Explosions to the devastator and Enigma Cannons projectiles. (induces heavier damage and radius damage).
  • Added sparks to the ship when enemy projectile hits it.

[Known Bugs]

  • Multiplier sometimes doesn't change to RGB when over 300.
  • Steam Overlay can sometimes cause a possible game lockup which causes the application to close. [Seems to lock up only when broadcasting is active.]
  • Megabyte's saber beam state glitches randomly, plays beam sound every frame, will not fire beam and will continue to charge forever. (unable to replicate it)


  • Fixed Issue with Level 12 background not resetting when continuing.
  • Changed position of continue panel and updated some UI elements.
  • Fixed issue with continuing on survival mode.

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