Devastation II Update (01/17/21)

Log - 1/17/21

Build Version 75

[Bug Fixes]

  • Issue with scores showing 0 values in the leaderboards
  • Final Boss 2- MonoIcosebyte saber beams were unassigned to damage player.
  • Final Boss 1- Icosebyte saber beams were unassigned to damage player.
  • Added rotation to both Icosebyte and monoicosebytes saber beams.
  • Added when monoicosebyte gets damaged spawns a small amount of enemies.
  • Fixed issues when beating the game and going right to survival mode the Upgrade menu would still be active causing survival mode to be unplayable.
  • Plasma cannon projectile only chases after bosses.
  • Made enemies chase the player on level 12 a bit faster.

[Known Bugs]

  • Steam Overlay can sometimes cause a possible game lockup which causes the application to close [Seems to lock up only when developer broadcasting is active.]
  • Issue with Logged in user not displaying. Issue fixed in newer build, name is still saved in memory and doesn't affect saving scores.

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