Devastation II Update (01/16/20)

Log - 1/16/21

[Bug Fixes]

  • Weapons Depot Achievement unattainable due to "devastatorObtained" boolean in wrong place.
  • Devastator Weapon UI in Primary Weapons section will not activate due to "devastatorObtained" boolean.
  • Looped all music smoothly.
  • Boss 9 - Hellabyte muzzle didn't rotate on charging/firing.
  • Boss 9 - Hellabyte wouldn't begin firing until after saber beam.
  • Boss 9 - Hellabyte Saber beam model was enlarged.
  • Enemy 13 - MegaByte Saber beam model was enlarged.
  • Updated About Video in Tutorial 36.

[Known Bugs]
Steam Overlay can sometimes cause a possible game lockup which causes the application to close.

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