Devastation II Update (07/28/21)

Log - 7/28/21

Build Version 80.5

Game Patch Notes: General update to fixing some code that players were unable to purchase [unlocked] Silver & Gold color concepts after unlocking them in Arcade, Hardcore & One Life modes. Accepting to purchase the color concept resulted in "Content Locked" but remained visible as if it was purchasable.

  • Silver Color Concept Fixed.
  • Gold Color Concept Fixed.


  • None

[Known Bugs]

  • [New] If leaderboard names are null & scores remain zero'ed out, they can be reset to default by signing into a profile, open the login screen and typing in "DEFAULTLEADB" followed by pressing submit. This is caused by the gamedata score/name values being null, when the gamedata file exists but the values cannot be read or the values aren't there. [Unable to replicate the issue]
  • In game achievements are separated by their own profiles, but all profiles contribute to the main Steam achievements.
  • Multiplier sometimes doesn't change to RGB when over 300.
  • Steam Overlay can sometimes cause a possible game lockup which causes the application to close. [Seems to lock up only when broadcasting is active.]
  • Megabyte's saber beam state glitches randomly, plays beam sound every frame, will not fire beam and will continue to charge forever. (unable to replicate it)
  • Giga blaster takes a bit of performance due to the manipulating the material color to RGB with over 400 active bullets.
  • Look rotation is extreme with v-sync off on high performance PC's. Menu transitions are very fast with v-sync off.


Jan 10, 2021

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