Devastation II Update (01/31/21)

Log - 1/31/21

Build Version 78.3

[Bug Fixes]

Major Gameplay Update - Added UI Elements for Core Absorb ability and Enigma cannon Overheat meter. Now the player can keep track of damage taken during absorb mode and be able to obtain the achievement correctly. Enigma Cannon Overclock meter allows better visual on keeping the heat down.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Enigma Cannon doesn't kill you instantly it just takes 1 shield or core respectively when reaching 100%.
  • Enigma timer was removed and added into the primary weapon UI bar.
  • Fixed issue with crosshair not setting to the original rotation or parented object.
  • Fixed warning icon for overlock over 60%.
  • Fixed issue with enigma cannon projectile explosions over playing sounds to cut audio off.
  • Enlarged projectile explosions for both devastator and enigma cannons.
  • Fusion cannon now does more damage.
  • Tuned down the damage of the Terminus Missile.


  • Changed the enigma project tile explosions to be larger and materials that are assigned.
  • Added sound FX when player power/ability is powered off or run out.
  • Changed the sound FX for fusion cannon shot.

[Known Bugs]

  • Multiplier sometimes doesn't change to RGB when over 300.
  • Steam Overlay can sometimes cause a possible game lockup which causes the application to close. [Seems to lock up only when broadcasting is active.]
  • Megabyte's saber beam state glitches randomly, plays beam sound every frame, will not fire beam and will continue to charge forever. (unable to replicate it)

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