Devastation II Update (01/20/21)

Log - 1/21/21

Build Version 77

[Bug Fixes]

  1. Major Gameplay Update - [Mouse movement] mouse movement was jittery as well as hyper sensitive. Player had lack of control during normal game play. mouse movement system for Level 12 [Free Ranged Mode] was changed. Camera rotates towards direction player is facing and re-adjusts to the center of aim, this give a more 3D space movement simulation as well as the added smoothing for better quality aim. Player can now move the camera while locked on to an enemy to adjust field of view.
  2. Both [Alt] Keys are buttons for Turbo now [Free Ranged Mode Only]
  3. [Space] Key for turbo was removed due to interference with dashing.
  4. Locking on or activating absorb ability will stop the ship from moving forward even when turbo is active giving the player some control to dodge/absorb projectiles [Free Ranged Mode].
  5. Fixed emp bomb not working in survival.
  6. Fixed spreader rotator attachment not working in survival.
  7. Fixed super multiplier status still active after combo lost.
  8. Fixed the Rainbow Color Concept to unlock fully when reaching wave 120 (no longer need to buy it in arcade mode)
  9. Fixed skybox background missing after videos played.
  10. Fixed skybox video not playing.
  11. Fixed issued where controller connected events wouldn't fire in upgrade menu.
  12. Fixed issue with Hellabyte, Gegobyte and bronto byte moving way too fast on nightmare.
  13. Fixed issue with Missile Reticle still active on screen when missile was pointed off screen.
  14. Fixed issue where missile reticle was still active when the player died or quit.
  15. Fixed issue where game wouldn't load save file until main menu was active.
  16. Fixed issue where game wouldn't detect if mouse & Keyboard was active until after the intro was finished.
  17. Fixed UI issue in booster menu where Y button was still active when mouse and keyboard was active.
  18. Fixed issue with Cyto missile projectiles being active after dying.
  19. Fixed issue with Devastator projectiles being active after dying.


  1. Updated Keyboard & controller tutorial videos.
  2. Updated about tutorial.
  3. Re-adjusted the default sensitivity.
  4. Reduced the rotational field of view angles from 30 to 20.
  5. Adjusted over active sensitivity (cut sensitivity by half).
  6. Increased laser damage.
  7. Decreased spreader damage.

[Known Bugs]

Steam Overlay can sometimes cause a possible game lockup which causes the application to close [Seems to lock up only when broadcasting is active.]

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