Devastation II Update (03/21/21)

Log - 3/21/21

Build Version 79.0

[Bug Fixes]

  • Compatibility with V-Sync off, high end systems with high frame rate caused pieces of the game to not smooth out properly. Look sensitivity with v-sync off & smoothing off with cause a very fast look rotation, turning on smoothing fixes this issue.
  • Fixed while in upgrade menu, accessing options sub menus and backing out caused the button event selector to choose the upgrade menu "Continue" button leaving options open and no selection to it.
  • Fixed plasma cannon weapon selection when enigma cannon was equipped. This caused the plasma cannon weapon model to select the "machine gun" and enigma cannon remained active, after the plasma weapon was unequipped the enigma cannon remained as the only weapon you could use.
  • Fixed when player released the trigger the enigma cannon overclock bar would not drain, resulting in the player to over heat and take damage.
  • Fixed issue with enigma cannon overclock UI bar remaining active when plasma cannon obtained.
  • Fixed issue with fusion cannon discharge sound when letting go of the trigger if another weapon other than fusion was selected.
  • Fixed issue with final MonoIcose boss. When EMP stunned while in beam state, the saber blazer beams remained active until next beam state, after the boss was no longer stunned.
  • Made bosses appear quicker when entering battle scene. Bosses took at least 2/3 seconds longer to spawn in a bare space.
  • Enlarged ammo and energy bars in game UI. energy & ammo bars were thin and barely noticeable which both play an important visual in game play.
  • Added an infinity symbol to ammo amount when cyber, hyper or absorb abilities are active. Player can now know they have infinite missiles in an active ability.
  • Fixed issue with rail upgrade 4 purchase price was set as rail upgrade 3.
  • Fixed rotator attachment icon, was set as the wrong icon on game screen.
  • Fixed issue with homing missile and terminus missile purchase sound not activating when buying either.
  • Widened Level 5's design. Enemies spawned into the side walls.
  • Added the "warp in effect" when reaching the portal after beating a boss.
  • Smoothed the "warp out effect" when entering a level.
  • Reduced camera shaking by half. Camera shaking caused an unstable jitter to player ship view.
  • Changed the warp portal material image.
  • Removed scrolling textures in level's 7 & 8 to reduce frame rate reduction. A large amount of objects had scrolling textures.

[Known Bugs]

  • Multiplier sometimes doesn't change to RGB when over 300.
  • Steam Overlay can sometimes cause a possible game lockup which causes the application to close. [Seems to lock up only when broadcasting is active.]
  • Megabyte's saber beam state glitches randomly, plays beam sound every frame, will not fire beam and will continue to charge forever. (unable to replicate it)
  • Giga blaster takes a bit of performance due to the manipulating the material color to RGB with over 400 active bullets.
  • Look rotation is extreme with v-sync off on high performance PC's.
  • Menu transitions are very fast with v-sync off.

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