Devastation II Update (01/03/21)

Log - 1/03/21


  1. Remove unused assets from project to reduce build size.
  2. Survival mode is  Finished.
  3. Game is now available for MacOS, Linux and Windows.
  4. Build size increased due to keeping videos HD instead of SD [Kept quality instead of build size]
  5. Make second intro logo skip faster by half instead of 8 seconds make it 4.
  6. Add Helvetica Font for informational dialogue [Scrapped]. 
  7. Change powerups to match icons.
  8. Increase chances for lucky powerup drop.
  9. Change font in story intro video and re-render video. (I might just integrate the scene into the game instead of using a video.)
  10. Add muzzle flash to enemies when they shoot.
  11. Survival stat score needs to be holographic and indented 999,999,999.
  12. Need to remove old story intro video from project.
  13. Retro mode is active and needs to be locked back up.
  14. Lock Icon not noticeable on Screen.
  15. Change Icons to match controller input.
  16. Achievement dialogue still says 1000 enemies.
  17. Added continue announce to survival button.
  18. Changed name Campaign to Game Mode and Normal to Arcade in the Main Menu.
  19. Added a censor filter to the input initials.
  20. Removed first Person View due to very pool visual aspect.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Warning Icon active during cyber mode.
  • Add when disconnection screen is reconnected to select active button for open window.
  • Player is still able to select nearby interactable when disconnection window is open.
  • Music restarts after pause.
  • Enigma timer still active because font wasn't removed.
  • Fix continue navigation for ending game.
  • Max multiplier doesn't stop on normal mode when reaching 500.
  • Reticle still glitches on null  enemies for fusion
  • Core point icons active in survival mode.
  • Options animated icon still the same from survival to normal in game.
  • Combo bar still repeats when reached 500 multiplier.
  • Debug mode needs to disable achievements.
  • Survival timer needs to stop when dead.
  • Block other click items when disconnection screen active.
  • Preview videos re-rendered with sound.
  • Fixed Camera  ray cast issues with items not blocking interactions
  • Fixed app ID for steam not syncing with Steam OS.
  • Missiles low constantly plays.
  • Updated some Tutorials [changed [lock on, About])
  • Remove quit button image on survival confirm window.
  • Removed Initial Input submit button completely 
  • Added the function to enter or press A to automatically submit player name.
  • Fixed corrupted game objects with missing script in the unity editor.
  • Disconnection dialogue on game side had wrong font set.
  • Null exception on saber beam when hitting final boss eyes or legs with weapon.
  • Success sound only when purchasing an item. (it was played even on cancelled transactions).
  • Player getting hit to easily by enemy bullets due to the shield collider being too large.
  • Removed enemy wave on Wave 10 to reduce clutter of the boss & reduce amount of enemies on level 12.

[Known Bugs]

  • Fix smoothing to repeat in loop music.
  • Steam error comes up if steam isn't open.
  • Fix nuke explosion sound “again”.
  • When using free aiming with mouse movement is jittery, even with smoothing on, which also needs to be multiplied to match non smoothing movement this isn't affected with gamepad.
  • Free-range and story tutorial original videos clip a green flash. Recording desktop video must have messed up.
  • Level 12 can take a long time to accomplish.

[Add Later]

  1. Content “available” popup in upgrade menu after a level. Do the same with survival mode but integrate it into the upgrade menu.
  2. Adjust/change score for color concept unlocks so player has to do very well on each level.
  3. Add a quick restart.
  4. Need new Music for Surplex Survival Level.
  5. Build a Game Trailer.

******Big Question of the game, Add high quality videos which increases game size or keep poor quality videos which doesn't match the HD graphics of the game for reduced game size. 

[Made a vote, People prefer value and quality for PC games. vs smaller build sizes for mobile games.]

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